Top 10 Drinking Game Apps for Endless Fun and Laughter (IOS & Android)

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Drinking games have long been a popular way to spice up social gatherings and add a touch of excitement to parties. In the age of smartphones, we are fortunate to have a wide array of drinking game apps at our fingertips. These apps not only provide us with a convenient way to play our favorite drinking games but also offer a range of creative and interactive features that enhance the overall experience. If you’re looking to take your drinking game nights to the next level, here are 10 of the best drinking game apps that are sure to keep the good times flowing.

Why drinking game apps?

Drinking game apps offer convenience and accessibility, providing a wide variety of customizable game modes for different group sizes and preferences. They foster social interaction, laughter, and bonding among participants. With features like timers, scoreboards, and rule reminders, these apps ensure a fair and organized game. Additionally, visually appealing graphics and sound effects enhance the immersive experience. Overall, drinking game apps revolutionize the way we play, making game nights more enjoyable and engaging.

Best 10 drinking game apps

1. Drink it

This app has three classic drinking games in one: kings cup, never have I ever, and most likely. You can customize the cards with your own questions and tasks, and make them as tame or wild as you want. The app is simple to use and perfect for any occasion. 

2. Do Or Drink

Don’t have Do Or Drink cards? no worries! This app offers a variety of entertaining and interactive drinking games that can be enjoyed with friends and family. With its intuitive interface and easy-to-understand rules, Do Or Drink app provides a user-friendly experience for players of all skill levels. The app includes a range of game modes, challenges, and question categories, ensuring that there’s always something new and engaging to try. 

3. Drink and Tell

This app is a great way to get to know your friends better and have some laughs along the way. The app has several categories of questions, such as love, sex, life & death, personality, ethics, etc. Each player has to answer a question secretly and then listen to other players’ guesses about their choice. If someone guesses correctly, they get a point. If no one guesses correctly, the player who answered has to drink. You can also add your own questions to make it more personal and fun. 

4. iPuke

This app is for those who like to take risks and challenge themselves. The app gives you two options: drink or dare. You have to spin a wheel that will tell you how many shots you have to drink or what kind of dare you have to do. The dares are crazy and hilarious, such as licking someone’s ear, dancing like a stripper, or calling your ex. If you refuse to do the dare or drink the shots, you are out of the game. The last person standing wins. 

5. Game of Shots

This app is a collection of different drinking games that you can choose from depending on your mood and preference. Some of the games are King’s Cup, Truth or False, Never Have I Ever, Roulette, etc. The app also has dice and cards that you can use for other games or make up your own rules. The app is easy to use and has nice graphics and sounds. 

6. Picolo

This app claims to be one of the best drinking apps that will light up the mood of your party. All you have to do is enter your friends’ names and follow the instructions given by the app, no matter how crazy they might sound. The app will give you different challenges and questions that will make you drink and have fun with your friends. You can choose from different modes of play, such as warm-up, tipsy, or hot mode.

7. Drink Roulette

This app is like a virtual roulette wheel that will decide your fate in a drinking game. You can choose from 12 different game modes that will test your luck and skills in various ways. Some of the modes are Truth or Shot, Spin the Bottle, I’ve Never…, Would You Rather…, etc. The app has over 1000 challenges that will keep you entertained for hours. Read about the classic Shot Roulette drinking game.

8. Drink or Doom

This app is a comic book-style drinking game that will make you feel like a hero or a villain in a crazy adventure. You have to roll a dice and move on a board that has different squares with different actions on them. Some of the actions are harmless fun, such as singing a song or making animal noises; others are more daring or dangerous, such as swapping clothes with someone or drinking hot sauce.

9. Circle of Death

This app is based on the popular card game that goes by many names (Kings Cup, Ring of Fire, Circle of Death etc.). You have to place a cup in the center of a circle of cards and then draw a card one by one. Each card has a different rule or action that you have to follow, such as drinking, giving drinks, making a rule, etc. The app has over 50 cards with different rules and you can also customize them to your liking.

10. Drunk Potato

This app is a hilarious drinking game that will make you feel like a hot potato. You have to pass your phone around and answer funny questions or do silly tasks before the timer runs out. If you fail to do so, you have to drink and face a penalty. The app has over 800 questions and tasks that will make you laugh out loud.

These are some of the best drinking game apps that I have tried and enjoyed with my friends. They are all free to download and compatible with both iOS and Android devices. So, what are you waiting for? Download them now and get ready for some unforgettable nights of fun and booze!

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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