A Deep Dive into Bocce Ball Drinking Game – Setup, Rules and more!

Bocce Ball drinking game on grass

We’re about to dive headfirst into the electrifying world of the Bocce Ball Drinking Game, a game that’s taking your regular Bocce experience to a whole new level. So grab your friends, pour your favorite beverages, and let’s embark on this unforgettable journey that blends camaraderie, competition, and a dash of liquid courage!

History and Origins

Now, you might be wondering, where did this boozy twist on the ancient game of Bocce Ball come from? Well, the history of Bocce Ball dates back to ancient Roman times, and it’s safe to assume that those clever Romans enjoyed a sip or two while tossing those balls. Drinking games have a way of making everything more fun, after all!


The objective of Bocce Ball is to score points by rolling your team’s bocce balls closer to the white target ball, called the “pallino”, than the opposing team’s balls.


To play the Bocce Ball Drinking Game, you’ll need:

  • Bocce Ball set with eight balls (four per team)
  • A white “polina” ball
  • Court: A flat, level playing surface, traditionally made of grass or sand, with marked foul lines at each end. A standard bocce court is 76 feet long and 10 feet wide.
  • Your choice of beverages


Gather your friends into two teams, ensuring an equal number of players on each side. Each team receives four bocce balls of the same color. Find a suitable playing area, be it your backyard or a local park, where the flat ground sets the stage for the excitement. The teams will take turns tossing the pallino and rolling their bocce balls, aiming for victory. Keep the atmosphere lively and competitive – a perfect blend of skill and fun. Now that you’re all set, it’s time to unleash the Bocce Ball Drinking Game experience!


  • Tossing the Pallino: A player from one team throws the pallino down the court, aiming for it to come to a stop anywhere within the court boundaries.
  • Rolling the Bocce Balls: The same player then rolls one of their team’s bocce balls, trying to get it as close to the pallino as possible.
  • Opposing Team’s Turn: A player from the opposing team then rolls their team’s bocce ball, aiming to place it closer to the pallino than the opponent’s ball. Players alternate turns within their teams.
  • Scoring:
    • Out of Bounds: If a bocce ball goes out of bounds or hits the court wall, it’s ignored and considered a dead ball.
    • Distance: The team with the ball closest to the pallino scores one point for each of their balls that is closer to the pallino than the opposing team’s closest ball.
  • Starting a New Round: The team that scored in the previous frame starts the next frame by tossing the pallino and rolling the first ball.
  • Winning the Game: The game typically consists of a pre-determined number of frames, commonly 12.

Drinking Rules

Let’s get to the heart of the game. The Bocce Ball Drinking Game is played according to the traditional rules of Bocce Ball but with an added twist – drinking! Here’s a handy list of when to take a sip during the game:

  • If you hit the “polina” (the white ball) – Take 1 sip
  • At the end of a round, if your team scored the least points – Take 1 sip
  • At the end of a round, if your ball is furthest from the “polina” – Take 1 sip
  • If your team loses and scores less than 4 points – The whole team gets down on one knee and shotguns a fresh drink.

Get ready to bring your A-game, because Bocce Ball meets drinking rules means that strategy and fun go hand in hand!


There you have it, folks, a deep dive into the Bocce Ball Drinking Game. It’s more than just rolling balls and sipping drinks; it’s an experience that fosters connections and laughter among friends. The blend of strategy, tips, and unexpected moments is what makes it so special.

Have you ever played the Bocce Ball Drinking Game? Share your favorite moments, tips, and hilarious stories in the comments below. If you have any unique variations you’d like us to feature in future blog posts, let us know! Your engagement is what keeps the party going, so get ready for more fun and games in the future. Cheers, and let the Bocce Ball adventure begin!

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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