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Date nights are a fantastic way to keep the spark alive and strengthen your bond with your partner. While going out on the town can be fun, staying in for a cozy, intimate evening can be just as enjoyable. One way to spice up your evening together is by incorporating drinking games into your date night itinerary. Drinking games not only bring an element of light-hearted competition, but they can also help break the ice and create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Drinking games for date nights come in a variety of styles, such as skill-based challenges, strategy games, or conversation-starters that encourage playful interaction between you and your partner. Choosing the right drinking game can lead to hours of entertainment, laughter, and connection-building that will surely make your date night one to remember.

When selecting a drinking game for your date night, it’s essential to consider your partner’s interests and preferences, as well as ensure the game is not too complex or time-consuming. Simplicity is key here – you want something that’s easy to understand, quick to set up, and provides a good balance of fun and challenge. Moreover, always remember to drink responsibly and be mindful of each other’s limits.

To help you find the perfect drinking game for your date night, I’ve spent countless hours researching and testing various options that tick all the boxes when it comes to entertainment, engagement, and ease of use. So, let’s dive in and discover the best drinking games to make your date night a hit!

Best Drinking Games for Date Night

I’ve compiled a list of the best drinking games to enjoy on date night. These games are guaranteed to break the ice and add a fun twist to your evening. Check them out below!

1. Do or Drink Date Night

This couples drinking game with 250 cards is a fun and entertaining way to spice up your date night experience.


  • Wide variety of card categories
  • Encourages open communication
  • Great for different stages of relationships


  • Some intense questions
  • Not suitable for shy couples
  • Might not be ideal for setting a romantic mood

My partner and I tried the Do or Drink Date Night game recently, and we found it to be an interesting mix of silly and serious questions. This game is a great fit for couples who aren’t afraid to be blunt and honest with each other. The game contains cards with truth or dare style challenges, battles, and fill-in-the-blank questions that can help you get to know each other even better.

However, some of the questions can be fairly intense, so you should be prepared to open up quite a bit. Shy couples may find some of the questions a little too personal or intrusive, which could make the game less enjoyable. If you’re uncomfortable with this type of game, you might want to consider a different one for your date night.

As far as atmosphere goes, this game might not be the perfect choice for setting a romantic mood, as many of the questions are more geared toward sparking laughter than flirtation. However, it can still be a funny, engaging way to communicate openly and have a good time together. Just be prepared that it might not lead to a super romantic evening.

In conclusion, the Do or Drink Date Night game can be a fun and engaging way to shake up date night with your significant other, as long as you’re prepared for some intense questions and open communication.

2. ARTAGIA Fun and Romantic Game for Couples

A must-have game for couples looking to add excitement and strengthen their relationship with engaging conversation starters and daring challenges.


  • Great for enhancing communication and intimacy
  • Perfect for date nights and gatherings with other couples
  • Versatile game with three categories: Talk, Flirt, and Dare


  • Might not be suitable for conservative couples
  • Some cards might lack the desired level of spiciness for certain players
  • May require alcohol to ease into the game

I recently played the ARTAGIA Fun and Romantic Game for Couples with my partner, and it genuinely exceeded my expectations. This game is a fantastic way to bond with your significant other and explore new levels of intimacy while having fun.

The “Talk” cards in the game prompted us to engage in meaningful conversations, allowing us to learn new things about each other. We felt more connected than ever while answering the questions and sharing our thoughts. The “Flirt” cards added a playful touch to the game, making our date night even more enjoyable.

However, the most exciting part of the game was the “Dare” cards. They pushed us to explore our boundaries in a fun and non-threatening way. I can see how this game could help reignite the spark in a relationship that may have become routine. But, if you’re a conservative couple, some dares might feel uncomfortable, so keep that in mind before giving it a try.

Another thing I noticed is that some players might find a few cards lacking in the spiciness they desire. It’s essential to remember that everyone’s preferences vary, and what might be spicy to one person might not be for another. Nevertheless, the game still provides an enjoyable experience overall.

I would recommend the ARTAGIA Fun and Romantic Game for Couples to any couple looking to enhance their communication and intimacy while enjoying a lovely date night. With a few drinks on hand, this game can quickly become a staple for couples seeking a fun and adventurous night together.

3. The Ultimate Game for Couples

I’d enthusiastically recommend The Ultimate Game for Couples to anyone seeking an entertaining and engaging date night activity.


  • Wide array of conversation topics
  • Suitable for both one-on-one or multiplayer gameplay
  • High replay value


  • Some questions might be too tame
  • Occasional spelling errors on cards
  • May not be as thought-provoking as expected

After trying The Ultimate Game for Couples during a recent date night, it became evident why this game is a hit. It comes with powerful conversation starters, allowing couples to delve into thoughtful discussions or get caught up in silly challenges. The two different gameplays give couples the flexibility to play one-on-one or team up with others to create a fun, lively atmosphere.

The game’s top strength is the vast assortment of topics it covers, making it an inexhaustible source of entertainment. As a result, couples can continually enjoy the game without worrying about running out of new material. This also adds value to the game, as it’s more than just a one-time-use item.

However, despite its many benefits, the game did have some drawbacks. For instance, a handful of questions might seem too tame, which could leave more adventurous couples wanting more. Additionally, there were a few spelling errors on the cards, which may irk sticklers for details.

In conclusion, The Ultimate Game for Couples is a great investment for those looking to add some fun and excitement to their date nights. Despite its minor imperfections, it’s a versatile game that encourages communication and bonding among couples.

4. RISKY COUPLES – Super Fun Couples Game for Date Night

This engaging and entertaining game is perfect for couples looking to spice up their date night with unique challenges and romantic dares.


  • Exciting and romantic challenges for couples
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay for a fun date night
  • Versatile game modes for playing with just your partner or against other couples


  • Some cards may seem too daring or specific for certain couples
  • Could be awkward if playing with people you’re not very close with
  • Game may not be suitable for all age groups

The RISKY COUPLES game has made a huge difference in how my partner and I spend our nights together. The game is specifically designed to bring couples closer together through a series of daring tasks, thought-provoking questions, and some interesting challenges that require a certain level of trust and openness between both players.

Initially, my partner and I were a little apprehensive about going through the deck, but it quickly became apparent just how enjoyable these unique challenges and dares were. We found that the game not only added excitement to our date night, but it also allowed us to learn more about one another on a deeper level.

The game modes provided the option to either play by ourselves or compete against other couples. Teaming up and facing other couples in the game was an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. However, it’s essential to choose your group wisely, as some dares and challenges might become embarrassing or uncomfortable in front of the wrong crowd.

Overall, the RISKY COUPLES game has been an excellent addition to our date nights. It’s an outstanding choice for couples looking to add some extra spice and fun to their romantic evenings. However, be aware of the possibility of encountering some daring or specific tasks, and the game might not be appropriate for all age groups.

5. BestSelf Date Night Card Game

This game is worth trying for couples seeking a fun and engaging way to deepen their connection during date nights.


  • Encourages deep, meaningful conversations
  • Varied categories and question difficulty
  • Ideal for both new and long-term relationships


  • Some questions might be too intense for certain couples
  • Minor repetition reported in a few cards
  • Might be less effective for those already knowing each other well

I recently played the BestSelf Date Night Card Game with my partner, and it was a delightful experience. The game features 50 conversation cards with prompts that help facilitate deep, meaningful discussions. We found it to be a creative way to build and strengthen our relationship.

The Date Deck is divided into five categories ranging from ice breakers to more risqué topics. This variety added a sense of excitement and novelty to our conversations. We took turns picking up cards and found that even as a couple who had been together for a while, there were still many fresh topics to explore.

One drawback we encountered was that some of the questions felt a bit too intense or personal for our comfort level. It’s essential to approach these cards with an open mind and understand that not every question will be a perfect fit for every couple. Additionally, we noticed a couple of duplicated cards within the deck, but given the overall quantity, it wasn’t a significant issue.

In conclusion, the BestSelf Date Night Card Game is a fun addition to any date night for couples looking to connect on a deeper level. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of your boundaries and be prepared for the possibility of encountering questions that might be too intense or personal for your relationship. Overall, if approached with an open mind, this game can lead to engaging and meaningful conversations.

Buying Guide

When I’m looking for the perfect drinking game for date night, there are a few factors I like to consider. This guide should help you find the best game to liven up your evening with that special someone.

Game Complexity

First, I think about how complex the game is. It’s important that the game is easy to understand, especially after a few drinks. Some people prefer more challenging games, but for a date night, I’d recommend something that doesn’t require too much focus and allows for easy conversation.

Number of Players

Next, I consider the number of players. Many drinking games are designed for big groups, but on a date night, it’s likely to be just the two of you. Look for games that work well with two players and provide an intimate, fun experience.

Required Equipment

I also like to check the required equipment for the game. Generally, it’s best to choose a game that doesn’t require too much setup or props. A simple deck of cards or a pair of dice should be enough. Having to purchase additional items can make the planning process cumbersome.

Vary the Drinking Pace

Lastly, I find it helpful to choose a game that varies the pace of alcohol consumption. On a date night, it’s essential not to overdo it, so a game that provides breaks between rounds or allows for sipping instead of gulping is a good idea.

With these factors in mind, I’m confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect drinking game for your next date night!

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Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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