Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards Review: Top Party Pick?

Looking to kick off your party with a game that gets everyone buzzing and bonding? I recently had the chance to play Charge It 2 The Game’s First Edition drinking cards, and trust me, it’s a blast.

Right off the bat, I noticed this deck isn’t just another run-of-the-mill game. The 90 unique cards were filled with hilarious dares, ridiculous questions, and prompts for shots that had me and my friends laughing all night. And bonus points for being so straightforward to play—no need to explain complicated rules while everyone’s eager to just start having fun.

Playing the game felt like the perfect way to break the ice at a gathering or liven up a tame night in. It’s always refreshing to find a simple yet highly entertaining game that serves as the perfect party companion, and I must say, the fact that it’s a product from a black-owned business makes it an even more meaningful purchase.

Bottom Line

Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards definitely spiced up game night with my crew.

Full of fresh and funny challenges, this game didn’t just live up to my expectations—it exceeded them.

Ready to elevate your adult gatherings? Grab your deck here and get ready for a night filled with laughter and cheers!

Overview of Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards

Recently, I had the chance to play Charge It 2 The Game’s drinking cards at a friend’s get-together, and it was a blast. With 90 unique and engaging cards, every round was filled with unexpected challenges and dares that had us rolling with laughter. The ease of understanding the game rules meant we could jump straight into the fun without any complications. As a supporter of diversity, I appreciated that it came from a black-owned brand, adding a meaningful dimension to game night.

However, it’s important to be responsible with these kinds of games—things can get pretty lively, and the alcohol can definitely add up if you’re not paying attention. It’s the ideal game for 21st birthday parties, a bachelorette’s night out, or just a fun evening at home with friends. While the game is incredibly entertaining, non-drinkers can still participate; we just had someone swap out their shots for a non-alcoholic alternative and they enjoyed the game just as much.

Summing it up, Charge It 2 The Game strikes the right balance between simplicity and excitement, ensuring that everyone at your occasion – whether it’s a laid-back hangout or a wild party – will have a memorable experience. Just remember to play safely and responsibly!

Explore the Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Card Collection

The Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards series continues to innovate and entertain with its expansion into diverse themes and occasions, all while celebrating the essence of fun, inclusivity, and black excellence. 

  • Charge It 2 Volume 2– Volume 2 of the series elevates game nights with even more hilarious and engaging challenges, making it a perfect pick for adults seeking laughter and camaraderie at any gathering, from 21st birthday celebrations to bachelorette parties. 
  • Friends Giving Drinks– The Friends Giving Drinks edition is a holiday must-have, transforming your Friendsgiving into an unforgettable festivity with its unique prompts that guarantee a night filled with joy, bonding, and memorable moments, all rooted in the spirit of diversity and celebration championed by a black-owned business. 
  • After Dark– For those looking to add a spicy twist to their evenings, the After Dark version is tailor-made for adult parties, offering risqué content and daring dares that promise to elevate any couples’ night or adult get-together. 

Each game, from Volume 2 to Friends Giving Drinks and After Dark, embodies the vibrant and diverse culture of its creators, inviting players to not only enjoy a myriad of fun-filled activities but also to support and celebrate black entrepreneurship and creativity. #CI2TG brings together laughter, bonding, and cultural appreciation, making each edition a valuable addition to any social event.

Unleash the Fun with Exciting Challenges

Playing with Charge It 2 The Game’s deck really spiced up our game night. With a diverse range of 90 cards, each round was unpredictable and filled with laughter. I found that the challenges were the perfect mix of daring and hilarious, which kept everyone on their toes. Sure, things got a bit tipsy – that’s the nature of a drinking game – but it was all in good spirits.

The effortless rule set meant that we could jump straight into the fun without any confusion. It was refreshing to have a game that didn’t require a long explanation while also managing to keep everyone engaged. And yes, it did bring us closer – nothing like a shared laugh to break the ice!

While the game is clearly intended for those 21 and up, we appreciated the creative edge the makers put into it. It felt good supporting a black-owned business that’s creating such entertaining content. That being said, this isn’t a game for a quiet night in – it’s best enjoyed with a lively crowd ready to let loose.

Easy, Engaging Gameplay

I just had the chance to play Charge It 2 The Game, and it’s a blast! As someone who enjoys a good social gathering, I found that this drinking card game really amped up the fun. The rules are super straightforward, which means you can jump right into playing without spending ages on instructions. With 90 unique cards, each round was fresh and filled with surprises, from hilarious challenges to cheeky dares that had us all laughing.

What makes this game stand apart is its sheer simplicity; nobody gets bogged down trying to figure out complex strategies, which is perfect for a party vibe where everyone’s more into having a great time than winning points. We played it at a friend’s birthday bash, and the cards were a fantastic ice breaker, helping everyone loosen up and interact more freely.

One thing to keep in mind is that the game does live up to its name—you might just find yourself sipping drinks more than you planned. But even for those who preferred not to drink, swapping out for non-alcoholic options was no issue, and the fun rolled on without missing a beat. Overall, Charge It 2 The Game is a surefire hit for those looking to enhance their adult game nights or parties.

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

When I shuffled through “Charge It 2 The Game” cards, I couldn’t help but appreciate the energy behind this product. It’s not just about getting a few laughs; it’s about supporting a black-owned business that has crafted a really cool party essential. The game brings a fresh vibe to adult game nights, with 90 unique challenges that keep the party spirit high.

Playing this game with my friends was an absolute blast. The card challenges are well-thought-out, spur engagement, and yes—prepare to get a bit tipsy! It’s more than just fun and games; it’s about backing an enterprise that takes pride in its community-centric values. By choosing this game, we contribute to the empowerment of black entrepreneurs and their creative endeavors.

The best part? There’s substance behind this game. It goes to show that investing in black-owned businesses doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality or enjoyment. Quite the contrary—the laughs, the dares, and the shared moments created with these cards underscore the excellence of diversity in the gaming world.

Perfect for Any Party Occasion

Recently, I had the pleasure of bringing Charge It 2 The Game to a friend’s birthday bash, and let me tell you, it was a hit! The excitement and laughter it brought to the table were truly unmatched. Its 90 unique cards, filled with cheeky challenges and dares, ensured there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the evening.

We navigated through the easy gameplay effortlessly, which was perfect since nobody wanted to get bogged down by complex rules. Someone even commented on how it was a creative way to support a black-owned business, which added a layer of good feeling to our fun.

Yes, be warned: this game will get you tipsy, maybe more than just a bit if you’re not careful! It’s called a drinking game for a good reason. Yet, what stood out to me was witnessing a tee-total friend laughing along, using a soda as his ‘drink’ of choice, fully engaged in the spirited atmosphere.

For those who love games that inject life into a gathering, whether it’s a family game night or a more raucous bachelorette party, this gem fits the bill. And if laughter and memorable moments are what you’re after, it’s safe to say Charge It 2 The Game delivers. Just one piece of advice from a now-seasoned player – play responsibly!

Pros and Cons


Having recently spent an evening with friends playing the “Charge It 2 The Game” Drinking Cards, I found quite a few positives to share. First off, the variety of 90 unique cards keeps things really dynamic; there wasn’t a dull moment as each card offered something new. The challenges and dares sparked a ton of laughter, showcasing the game’s ability to be the life of a party. It’s also great to see a game in the marketplace that celebrates black-owned business—it adds a layer of empowerment to the fun.

Besides, the simplicity of the rules meant everyone could jump right in. It was the perfect centerpiece for our adult get-together, and, to be honest, it was easy to see why it could double up as a great icebreaker. The versatility also stood out, as even non-drinkers could join in by opting for non-alcoholic drinks and still partake in the excitement.


On the flip side, there’s no ignoring the fact that the game does what it says on the box—it will get you drunk if you’re not careful. It’s a blast but requires responsible play, something to keep in mind for those who don’t hold their liquor well. During our session, we had to adapt a few rules to ensure everyone stayed within their limits.

Another aspect I noticed was that the game is super specific to drinking contexts, so its application is narrow outside of parties that include alcohol. This could limit the appeal for those looking for a game with broader uses. Lastly, while the game is a hoot, it might not be right for every group; the nature of some dares and challenges could be a bit much for the more reserved players, which is something to consider depending on your guest list.

Exploring Customer Feedback

Recently, I had a blast with “Charge It 2 The Game” cards at a friend’s birthday bash. Diving into the sea of reviews, many shared the roaring laughter and spirited moments I’ve experienced. A significant number of players mention how it’s lit up their game nights, making it a hit in family get-togethers and adult parties alike.

It’s evident that the game’s clever questions spark more than just sips—prepare for belly laughs and a lively atmosphere that gets everyone talking. A fair warning pops up often though; a night with these cards might just turn into one memorable, tipsy adventure!

Some reviews also highlight that everyone can join in. For those opting out of alcohol, simply swapping in soda or water keeps the fun universal. Each round pulls players in with relatable prompts, ensuring no one feels out of the loop.

While fun is the consistent theme, I noticed a few mentioned the balance of questions could vary to keep frequent players guessing. Overall, it brings a whole lot of enjoyment, whether you’re kicking back with close friends or breaking the ice at a larger gathering.


After spending some time with the Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards, I find it to be a riot of fun for any adult gathering. The game’s lighthearted and relatable questions guarantee laughter and a lively atmosphere, perfect for get-togethers or even a simple night in with friends. While the game is centered around drinking, it’s versatile enough for non-drinkers to enjoy just as much—swap in a non-alcoholic beverage and the hilarity remains. A heads up: it does live up to its reputation of involving a fair bit of drinking, so participants should anticipate a wild ride. In essence, this game does a fantastic job at breaking the ice and crafting memorable evenings. If you’re in the market for something to spice up your party, these cards are a fantastic option that’s sure to bring people together—and let’s be honest, the laughter alone is worth the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

After spending some fun evenings with Charge It 2 The Game, I’ve gathered a fair share of questions that most potential players might have. It’s been a blast, and there’s a lot to share about what makes these cards the highlight of game night. I’ll answer some common questions I’ve heard based on my experience and what I’ve learned.

What are the rules for playing Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards?

To get started, everyone draws a card from the deck and follows the prompt on it. The rules are straightforward, so it’s all about doing what the card says—whether that’s a dare, answering a question, or taking a shot. It’s as simple as that, keeping everyone on their toes and laughing through the night!

Where can I buy Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards?

You can easily snag a set of these cards on Amazon. One click and you’re well on your way to spicing up your game nights. The reasonably fast shipping will have you planning your next gathering in no time.

Can you play Charge It 2 The Game Drinking Cards with two people?

While it could work with just two, in my experience, the more’s the merrier when it comes to this game. It truly shines in a group setting where the various challenges bounce off of each participant’s energy.

What is the most entertaining adult drinking card game?

Though I’m reluctant to crown a single champion, Charge It 2 The Game has certainly earned its place at the top with its 90 unique and relatable cards. Each game night becomes a memorable saga of laughter and good-natured fun!

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Liam Jones

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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