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Are you ready to turn your next night in with friends into a party? Spice up your evening with the classic game of “Do or Drink” – a twist on truth-or-dare and the perfect way to add an interactive layer of fun, laughter, and surprises to any gathering. Whether you regularly host get-togethers or are looking for ideas on how to liven up your Saturday nights, Do Or Drink is the ideal game that will keep everyone entertained.

Introducing the Do or Drink drinking game – the best way to have fun with your friends!

Do or Drink is the perfect drinking game for any kind of group – whether you’re a group of friends looking for a way to liven up your night out, or a bunch of family members gathering around the dinner table on the holidays, this game is guaranteed to make sure everyone has a good time! A combination of hilarious trivia questions, outrageous dares, and chance-based decisions means that no two games are ever alike. Easy to learn yet impossible to master, why not give it a try and see where the night takes you? With Do or Drink, there’s never been an easier way to have some drinks with your buddies and make some lasting memories along the way.


  • Do or Drink card set
  • Alcoholic beverages


The cards come in two colors: white and black. Before play can begin, the two colors must be separated and shuffled. After that, the group needs to choose a player to pick a card first.

Do or Drink rules

Are you ready to spice up your game night? Look no further than the hilarious and entertaining game of Do or Drink! Here’s how it works:

To kick things off, the first player must select a white card and read aloud the challenge or dare presented to the group. The pressure is on as the player can either choose to accept the challenge or pass, but beware – standard rules dictate that any player who passes is automatically out of the game.

The fun continues with the next player, who chooses a card and either takes the dare or downs another drink.

But wait, there’s more! some of the white cards don’t contain any task but just tell you to pick a black card. If a player draws a black card, they must read it aloud and decide whether to accept the more difficult and potentially embarrassing challenge. Don’t worry though, black cards often offer the option to pass, but at a cost – you’ll have to take a penalty drink instead.

Expansion packs

The are 2 expansion packs that can be added to the core Do Or Drink game. Each expansion pack includes 100 new challenge cards- 73 black cards and 27 red cards.

Examples of white and black challenges

One of the best things about Do or Drink is that the challenges are not just random, they’re also hilarious and creative. Some of the white cards include easy and fun challenges. While the black card challenges can be difficult and embarrassing. These challenges are sure to get everyone laughing and having a great time.

Examples of white card challenges:

  • Drink if you are in a relationship.
  • Challenge another player to a thumb war. the loser must drink.
  • Drink if you are the oldest player.

Examples of black card challenges:

  • Use your feet to give the player on your left a sip from their drink without spilling. both of you must do this or finish your drinks.
  • Dm your last ex “I still love you” or finish your drink.
  • Eat a spoonful of raw coffee grounds or finish your drink.
  • Call one of your relatives and explain “docking” to them or finish your drink.
  • Open Youtube and read your last three searches out loud, or drink.
you may end up texting your ex

If you’re worried about playing a game that’s too intense or too embarrassing, don’t worry. The game is designed to be as lighthearted and fun as possible. Plus, you can always choose to pass a challenge if you’re not comfortable with it. And, if you’re really not a fan of drinking, you can always substitute the drinks with something else, like water or soda.

Play for points and rewards

Whether you’re playing for points or just for laughs, the basic gameplay is easy to follow. But if you’re in it to win it, completing challenges is the key to success.

Here’s how it works: if a player successfully completes a challenge, they get to keep the card, and each white card they earn is worth one point. But if they’re feeling extra daring and complete a black card, that’s worth a whopping three points!

But beware – if you decide to pass on your turn, you risk losing a card (if you have one). And if you don’t have any cards to lose, your score will dip into the negatives.

To make things even more exciting, consider offering rewards to the winners! Whether it’s a small prize or just bragging rights, it’s always fun to have something to play for. Get creative with your rewards – maybe the winner gets to choose the next game or activity, or they get to skip out on doing a chore. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to add some friendly competition to your game night.

5 types of Do Or drink card sets

  1. The Original Game– contains 350 cards – 175 white cards and 175 black cards. the rules of it are described in this article.
  1. Act Out or Blackout– contains 350 cards – 300 black cards, 25 yellow cards, and 25 red cards. You’ll divide into two teams and select cards with various challenges or scenarios to act out. The catch? You can’t speak! You’ll have to rely on your acting skills to get your team to guess correctly. Every time your team correctly guesses a card, the other team takes a swig of their drink. And the fun doesn’t stop there – the roles reverse and it’s your turn to take a sip every time the other team succeeds. It’s important to remember that in Act Out or Blackout, speaking is strictly forbidden. If you slip up and utter a word, you’ll lose the round. So brush up on your miming skills and get ready to act out some outrageous scenarios with your friends. Get ready to laugh, get ready to drink, and get ready for a wild ride with Act Out or Blackout!

Couples – contains 50 cards- 18 red cards and 32 black cards. Looking for a way to heat up your next double date night? Look no further than the Couple Theme Pack – the perfect addition to any game night! With 50 new challenges included, you and your partner will have a blast tackling everything from silly stunts to daring dares. But beware – the stakes are high! You and your partner can earn points by successfully completing challenges, but if you come up short, you’ll both be in for a wild ride as you get skunk-drunk. Completing a challenge with a black card rewards you with 1 point while completing a challenge with a red card rewards you with 2 points. Choose your cards carefully and get ready to challenge your partner to a night of hilarious and unforgettable fun. Whether you’re a seasoned couple looking to spice things up or just starting out and looking for a way to break the ice, the Couple Theme Pack is sure to be a hit. So gather your friends, pour some drinks, and get ready to take on the challenges – your next double date night is about to get even hotter!

Singles– contains 50 cards- 16 red cards and 34 black cards. With 50 new challenges included, you and your single friends will have a blast tackling everything from silly stunts to daring dares. But beware – the stakes are high! You never know what you might draw – a wrong card could lead to some regrettable moments, while the right card could help you get LIT AF and have the time of your life. Whether you’re looking to let loose, bond with your friends, or simply try something new, the Singles Theme Pack has got you covered. So why wait? Gather your squad, pour some drinks, and get ready to take on the challenges – your next single night is about to be the best one yet!

Bachelorette– contains 50 cards- 15 red cards and 35 black cards. Are you getting ready to celebrate your big day with your closest gal pals? Look no further than the Bachelorette Theme Pack – the ultimate addition to any bachelorette party! With 50 new challenges included, you and your ladies will have a blast tackling everything from daring dares to hilarious games. From silly stunts to sultry challenges, this pack has everything you need to make your bachelorette party a night to remember. Whether you’re planning your party or helping a friend, the Bachelorette Theme Pack is sure to be a hit. So why wait? Grab some drinks, gather your girls, and get ready to take on the challenges – your bachelorette party is about to be the talk of the town!


The Do or Drink drinking game is a great way to spice up your game night and add some laughs and challenges into the mix. With its variety of silly, embarrassing, and difficult challenges, it’s sure to be a hit with all of your friends and family. So, if you’re ready to try something new and exciting, go ahead and grab a deck of cards and get ready to have some fun! And always remember to drink responsibly.

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Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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