Cheers and Beers: 5 Best Drinking Games with Cups

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Drinking games have been a popular pastime for partygoers and friends looking to add some excitement to their gatherings. Among the various drinking game styles, those involving cups have gained significant popularity due to their simplicity, competitive nature, and ability to foster camaraderie. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best drinking games that incorporate cups, promising laughter, and memorable moments with friends. But remember, always drink responsibly and know your limits!

1. Beer Pong

No list of drinking games with cups would be complete without mentioning the quintessential classic: Beer Pong. This game is the life of any party, combining skill and luck in a friendly, competitive atmosphere. To play, set up cups filled with beer at opposite ends of a long table and take turns attempting to throw ping pong balls into your opponent’s cups. When a ball finds its way into a cup, the opposing team is obliged to drink its contents. The team that eliminates all of their opponent’s cups wins!

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2. Flip Cup

Another staple in the world of drinking games with cups is Flip Cup. The game is fast-paced and encourages teamwork. To play, divide into two teams and stand on opposite sides of a table. Each player starts with a cup of beer. The objective is to drink the contents of the cup and then, using only the flick of a wrist, flip the cup upside down by placing it on the edge of the table. The next player in line repeats the process until one team successfully flips all their cups.

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3. Quarters

Quarters is a straightforward and low-maintenance drinking game. All you need is a small glass and a quarter for each player. Each player takes turns trying to bounce the quarter off the table and into the glass. If successful, they choose another player to drink. While the game itself is simple, it can become surprisingly competitive, and the tension builds as the drinks flow.

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4. Chandelier

Chandelier is a fast-paced game that involves strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Arrange a set of cups in the center of a circular table, with one extra cup in the middle, forming a chandelier-like shape. Fill all the cups with beer, except for the central cup, which is filled with a more potent drink, like a shot of liquor. Players sit around the table and take turns bouncing a ping pong ball off the table, aiming to land it in one of the cups. If a player makes a ball into a cup, they choose someone from the opposing team to drink that cup. If a ball lands in the middle cup, everyone must race to grab a cup and drink. The last person to do so has to drink the central shot as well.

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5. Stack Cup

Stack Cup is a fast-paced game that keeps players on their toes. Each player has their cup filled with beer and an empty cup placed upside down in front of them. One person starts the game by bouncing a ping pong ball off the table, trying to hit another player’s cup. If successful, the player with the hit cup must drink and then attempt to flip the cup right-side up using one hand. While they do this, the person who made the shot continues bouncing the ball and attempting to hit another cup. The game continues in this manner, creating a chain reaction of drinking and cup-flipping fun.

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Drinking games with cups add an extra layer of fun and excitement to any party or get-together. They promote camaraderie, laughter, and the creation of unforgettable memories with friends. However, it’s essential to emphasize responsible drinking and to know your limits. These games are meant to be enjoyed in a safe and respectful environment. So, gather your friends, stock up on beverages, and have a blast playing these fantastic drinking games with cups. Cheers!

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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