Drunk in Love Card Game Review: Date Night Winner?

drunk in love card game

I recently got my hands on the Drunk in Love card game and I have to say, it’s a blast. It’s a game made just for couples who want to add a twist to their date night. With a set of 100 cards, the game scoops out ample opportunities for giggles and revelations between you and your significant other.

Each card holds a command — either a “…Or Drink” challenge just for the card-drawer, or a “Drink If…” that applies to both players. The concept is simple: take turns, draw a card, and follow the prompt or sip your drink. My partner and I have discovered new layers to our relationship through these quirky challenges, all while having a good laugh.

It’s truly designed as the perfect stay-at-home date night game. Even though the cards are compact and portable — ideal for taking on vacation — don’t let the size fool you: the game packs a bunch of fun. The creators have done a great job in striking a balance between humor, intimacy, and just the right level of daring questions that can make a night memorable.

Bottom Line

Drunk in Love isn’t just another card game; it’s an experience that can bring couples closer in a light-hearted way. If you’re up for a night of laughter and getting to know your partner even better, this could be the fun twist your date night needs.

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Overview of Drunk in Love: Original Couples Drinking Card Game

Recently, I had the chance to play Drunk in Love, and I’ve got to say, it’s a delightful twist to your typical at-home date night. The game comes with a variety of cards, each promising a different kind of interaction with your significant other. The “Drink If…” and “…Or Drink” cards are a hoot, bringing out stories and confessions that might not surface without a bit of liquid courage.

The simplicity of the game is its brilliance—you draw a card and either do what it says or take a sip, and believe me, the laughter ensues. From personal experience, it seamlessly turns an ordinary evening into a memorable one, full of banter and shared jokes. Although the game’s concept is straightforward, the content is cheeky, making it clear that this is designed for adults and not a typical family game night.

However, some might find the price point a bit steep considering the size and number of cards you get. But if you’re in for a night to remember (or forget), Drunk in Love hits the mark by bringing couples closer through chuckles and challenges. Just a fair warning: know your limits and drink responsibly to keep the game fun and safe for both players.

How to Play Drunk in Love

Let me walk you through “Drunk in Love,” a card game that I recently had the chance to enjoy with my partner. Picture this: a cozy night in, laughter and a deck of cards geared towards couples, ready to challenge your connection and your ability to hold your liquor.

You’ll need only yourself and your significant other since it’s a two-player game. The deck comes packed with 100 cards that are a mix of “…Or Drink” and “Drink If…” prompts, plus one rule card to guide you through. It’s pretty simple—we took turns drawing cards. If you pull a “…Or Drink” card, you either follow the instruction or take a sip, your call. Draw a “Drink If…” card, and the fun really begins, as these apply to both of you.

My partner and I found ourselves embroiled in hilarious confessions and side-splitting scenarios. Each card drawn stoked conversation that wouldn’t typically surface on a regular date night. Mind you, the intensity of the game depends on your responses, but even the more daring cards aim more to entertain than to shock.

Though, a word to the wise: be mindful of your drinking pace. The aim is to have memorable fun, not to test the durability of your carpet, if you catch my drift. All said, “Drunk in Love” isn’t just a game; it’s a doorway to a night filled with laughter, bonding, and a couple of “remember when” moments for the days to come.

Sparking Conversations

Recently, I had the chance to play “Drunk in Love,” a quirky drinking game designed specifically for couples. What caught my attention was how effortlessly it initiated deep and playful conversations between my partner and me. The game includes a variety of cards that push the boundaries, dare I say, in the most hilarious ways possible. There were moments when one of us drew a card and the task or question was so spot-on, we couldn’t help but share stories we’d never thought to tell each other before.

On the flip side, I must admit, some of the cards were a touch too bold for our taste. We found ourselves setting aside a few that seemed better suited for times when it was just the two of us, rather than when playing with friends. Nonetheless, navigating which cards to use ended up being part of the fun, adding an extra layer of personalization to the game.

The laughter and revelations that “Drunk in Love” brings to the table make it an excellent pick for an unconventional date night. Just be prepared for where the conversations might lead – it’s definitely an adventure in getting to know your partner better!

Perfect for Date Night

Imagine a game that redefines a cozy evening with your significant other. That’s exactly how I felt with “Drunk in Love,” a card game that promises a mix of laughter, intimate moments, and yes, a bit of drinking. It’s a two-player adventure that’s all about connecting and having fun. On our last date night, we decided to forgo the usual movie and dinner and picked up this game instead.

The balance between cheeky challenges and shared confessions had us both on the edge of our seats. We alternated drawing cards, which brought on surprising scenarios that tested how well we knew each other. The “Drink If…” cards especially got us grinning and sipping, revealing tales even we hadn’t heard before.

But, it’s not just fun and games. This little gem prompted deeper conversations, ones that we might have not embarked on without the playful prompts. It’s worth mentioning though, some cards can get a tad too daring, and we did remove a few that didn’t quite match our comfort zone.

Ending the night, we found that “Drunk in Love” wasn’t just a game, it was a memorable date night packed into a box of cards. Our verdict: perfect for any couple looking to change up their date night routine with some playful bonding. Just pace yourselves with the drinks, and you’re in for a treat.

Pros and Cons

From the lively nights I’ve enjoyed with this game, I can comfortably share a few thoughts that might help in your decision-making.


  • Unique Cards: Each card in “Drunk in Love” sparks laughter and intriguing conversations, which is a testament to their originality. The mix of challenges and questions adds a fun twist to the regular date night.
  • Engagement: Playing this game, I found that it not only served as a form of entertainment but also as a way to connect with my partner on a different level. It’s great for learning more about each other in an amusing setting.
  • Ease of Play: The rules are straight to the point, so you can dive right into playing without a lengthy setup. We didn’t need to consult the rule card often, which kept the pace lively.
  • Perfect for Couples: It’s tailored for two players, making it an intimate experience. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a stay-at-home date or a way to spice up a night during a vacation, this game has you covered.


  • Pricing: The game felt a tad pricey for the size and number of cards provided. In my opinion, it would be more appealing at a lower price point, especially since the cards are smaller than expected.
  • Content Sensitivity: While the questions are fun and dare I say, daring, I had to remove a couple of cards when playing with friends or in more reserved settings. It’s more suited to private play.
  • Replayability: I adore this game, but with 100 cards, I worry that it might lose its charm after several rounds. To keep it fresh, we limit how often we play.

In gist, “Drunk in Love” card game is a delightful addition for couples looking to laugh and learn more about each other. However, weigh the cost against the experience to ensure it aligns with what you’re looking for in game night entertainment.

Customer Reviews

I recently had a chance to play “Drunk in Love” with my significant other, and let me tell you, it’s quite the entertaining experience. The majority of folks who’ve tried this game seem to agree, judging from the glowing reviews. A solid 4.4-star rating with over 500 reviews speaks volumes about its popularity.

As someone who prefers reading testimonials before buying, I found that couples generally have a blast with the game’s quirky and fun prompts. One couple mentions they laughed their way through a camping trip, while another enjoyed the discussions it sparked between them and another married couple, even opting to customize the cards a bit for comfort.

There’s mention of a party foul here and there, with one memorable event involving a girlfriend, the game, and an unfortunate carpet incident—oops! But it all points to the game’s potential to create memorable nights. It’s not without critique, though. The price point has been a slight sticking point for a few. Someone felt it was a tad steep for the card size and quantity, suggesting a more reasonable price would enhance its value.

Summing up, “Drunk in Love” seems to hit the sweet spot for many as a lighthearted, engaging game that can spice up date night or entertain at a small gathering. It’s not perfect, but it’s got plenty of charm to make it a cupboard staple for fun-loving couples.


Having recently had the chance to play Drunk in Love with friends, I can honestly say it’s quite a unique experience. It’s not just another card game; it definitely puts a fun spin on date night or an evening with close friends. Laughing through the game’s challenges and prompts, the interactions it spurred were genuinely enjoyable and led to some unexpected, hilarious moments—though admittedly, it can get a bit wild, as one might expect with a drinking game.

There are a few cards that might push the comfort zone, so it’s nice to have the option to filter those out when playing with different company. The quality of the cards is decent, although I do agree with some reviewers that the price may feel steep for the size of the package. Regardless, the shared joy and the way it brings people together can certainly make up for it.

Overall, while Drunk in Love can be an absolute blast, it’s worth noting that the game is at its best when played in a trusting and open setting. Just remember to enjoy responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh, the joys of finding a game that spices up date night! After having my fair share of laughter and unexpected confessions with the “Drunk in Love” card game, I’ve gathered some frequently asked questions that might help clear up any curiosity for those considering adding it to their collection.

How do you play the Drunk In Love card game for couples?

Playing “Drunk in Love” is a walk in the park. It’s just me and my partner, taking turns drawing cards. If I pick a “…Or Drink” card, I either do the dare or take a sip. The “Drink If…” cards? Those are for both of us—if it applies, you drink. It’s that blend of dares and drinks that makes each draw a burst of excitement (or embarrassment!).

Can the Drunk In Love card game be purchased at retail stores like Walmart?

To my knowledge, your best bet is to grab “Drunk in Love” from online platforms like Amazon. I haven’t stumbled upon it in physical stores like Walmart, but who knows? It could make its way to retail shelves in the future.

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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