Drunk Stoned or Stupid Review: Top Party Game of the Year?

Drunk Stoned or Stupid review

I recently had the chance to play Drunk Stoned or Stupid, and let me tell you, this party game takes the cake if you’re into some raucous and uninhibited fun. As someone who loves to get friends together for game nights, this one pushed the envelope and had us doubled over in laughter as we called each other out on ridiculous, likely, and sometimes all-too-true scenarios. With cards like “#1 Wake up with half a burrito in bed,” it’s designed to point the finger at the friend most likely to commit these hilarious acts.

The game boasts 250 prompt cards, making for endless replayability, perfect for a group of three or more players over the age of 17. During my game night, we quickly realized that this is the kind of game where there are no winners, just a whole bunch of good-natured losing and sticking your friends with some truly outrageous labels.

Bottom Line

Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a standout party game that promises a night filled with laughter and potentially embarrassing admissions.

It’s simple yet wildly entertaining, and perfect for your next adult get-together.

Feeling brave enough to find out what your friends really think of you? Get your own Drunk Stoned or Stupid game and start questioning your life choices in the most fun way possible!

Overview of Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Recently, I had the chance to play this wildly entertaining game with some friends, and let me tell you, it’s not the faint-hearted! Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a party game designed to reveal how well you really know your friends through 250 prompt cards that will have your group roaring with laughter.

In the game, players take turns being the judge, deciding who among the group is “Most Likely To…” do ridiculous things like waking up with leftover food in bed or striking up long, pointless conversations with a digital assistant. Trust me, the prompts are as hilarious as they are shamelessly revealing.

No one actually “wins” in this game. It’s all about the banter and the hilarious moments that come from calling out your friends on their habits and shenanigans. Plus, it’s not just for people who enjoy adult refreshments; players of all kinds will find this game engaging.

Created by the minds behind “You Laugh You Drink” the game definitely requires thick skin and a good sense of humor. With its spot-on age recommendation of 17 and up, it’s the perfect icebreaker for a night in with friends who aren’t easily offended. The laughs and side-eyes you’ll share while playing Drunk Stoned or Stupid will stick with you long after the party ends.

Sociable Gaming Experience

I recently had friends over and we decided to give “Drunk Stoned or Stupid” a try, and what a blast we had! This game shines in a social setting, fostering laughter and cheeky debates. With 250 prompt cards, each round pushes us to make hilarious and often revealing decisions about who is most likely to do what. It’s the kind of game that really gets everyone involved and interacting, breaking the ice effortlessly.

However, I will say some cards can push the boundaries of appropriateness, which can be a pro or con depending on your crowd. There were moments when a few friends cringed, and we skipped a couple of cards that weren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But mostly, it’s all in good fun. Remember, it’s not about winning here; it’s about sharing a laugh and creating memories.

It’s important to mention this game’s not for kids or the faint of heart. You’ve got to be ready for some savage humor and a willingness to call out your mates—or to be called out! Overall, if you’re up for an uproarious night and don’t mind poking fun at yourself and others, this is the game that’ll keep the party lively.

Highly Replayable Content

Having had the chance to bring out Drunk Stoned or Stupid at multiple gatherings, I’ve seen firsthand how it ramps up the fun. With a whopping 250 prompt cards, each playthrough feels fresh. The cards are downright hilarious, prompting friends to playfully accuse each other of being “MOST LIKELY TO…” do something wild or ridiculous.

I appreciate how it engages everyone from the get-go. You don’t have to be a board game enthusiast to dive in and enjoy the lively debates that ensue. It makes for an excellent icebreaker or a bridge to more complex party games. Plus, the age recommendation of 17+ is spot on, ensuring that the content is appropriate for the right crowd.

Sure, a few cards may toe the line of crassness, but that’s where the group’s discretion comes in handy. I’ve found that skipping the cards that don’t fit the vibe is no problem at all. The nature of the game means that it thrives on the group’s energy—loud laughter and cheeky accusations are par for the course.

My advice? Be ready for some roasting, keep an open mind, and let the good times roll with Drunk Stoned or Stupid. It’s a party staple that’s earned its spot on my game night lineup.

Player Engagement

In my experience, this party game is an absolute blast when it comes to engaging a group. Right off the bat, it’s super easy to pick up, which means you can get everyone involved without any cumbersome rules or explanations. The quick pacing keeps the energy high, and there’s no shortage of laughter as the cards prompt some hilarious – and occasionally outrageous – storytelling. Sure, a few cards might raise an eyebrow, so you may want to skim the deck before playing with a more reserved crowd.

I’ve noticed that it’s an excellent icebreaker, making it ideal for getting the vibes going in social settings. However, if you’re looking for deep strategic gameplay, this might not be up your alley. This game shines because it’s light-hearted and requires minimal thinking, allowing for a more relaxed, carefree environment.

One caveat though, if party games are your staple, this might come off as a bit simplistic in comparison to others with more complexity. But for what this game aims to do – which is to stir up a good time and lots of laughs among adults – it does a fantastic job.

Adult Party Humor

Recently, I had a blast with “Drunk Stoned or Stupid,” a game that raises the bar for adult-themed party games. True to its provocative title, it’s a game that’s as outrageous as it is side-splitting. You’re given 250 prompt cards, each more shamelessly amusing than the last. Each round, you and your friends decide who amongst you is “MOST LIKELY TO…” do something ridiculously silly or embarrassingly funny.

The game’s real thrill is in the absurd, often crass scenarios that feel like they’re pulled straight from a wild night out. They’re designed to provoke laughter and sometimes blushes, especially when you recognize yourself or your friends in the prompts. But beware, it’s not for the faint-hearted or those easily offended.

While I found most of the game’s content hilarious and a fantastic ice-breaker, a few cards were a bit too much for my taste, crossing into territory some might find inappropriate. It’s good to be mindful of who’s in your crowd when those cards come up. Nevertheless, for a gathering with a close-knit group that enjoys pushing boundaries and sharing laughs over some potentially awkward admissions, “Drunk Stoned or Stupid” has become my go-to. Just make sure everyone playing is on board for some uncensored fun, and you’re guaranteed a night filled with laughter and ridiculous revelations.

Pros and Cons


Having recently had a blast with the DSS Core Party Game, I’ve gathered quite a few positive points. Firstly, its simplicity is its charm; with 250 prompt cards, you’re plunged into laughter without wading through complicated rules. It’s the kind of game that instigates instant camaraderie, making it a go-to for breaking the ice at parties or gatherings.

The cards are ingeniously crafted, prompting players to make bold statements about one another, which inevitably leads to side-splitting stories. Even shy friends of mine found themselves chuckling and participating more than usual. It’s a versatile game and absolutely shines in the hands of an adult crowd, creating a night filled with laughter and light-hearted accusations.

Furthermore, if you’re ever in a pinch for a quick gift, this game has got your back. It’s been a winner at every white elephant exchange I’ve seen it in due to its humor and universal appeal.


On the flip side, DSS Core Party Game may not fit every social situation. Some cards teeter on the edge of being too crass, which means a few might get passed over depending on your company’s comfort level. It’s spot-on for adult parties but could raise eyebrows if unexpected younger individuals are in the mix.

If you are someone who’s played a vast array of party games, you might find this one to be a little on the tame side. After several rounds, a couple of my friends felt the novelty began to wear off, craving something with a bit more depth or strategic thinking.

Occasionally, some prompts might land with a thud in a group, as humor is subjective, and what gets one group rolling with laughter could be a misfire in another. And if you are looking for a game with a clear winner or more competitive edge, this isn’t that—it’s all about the journey rather than the destination here.

Despite its few drawbacks, from my experience, the DSS Core Party Game is a stellar choice for those who love spirited banter and enjoy ribbing their friends in the spirit of good fun.

Customer Reviews

Having played “Drunk Stoned or Stupid” at several gatherings, I can confidently share that it’s become a go-to icebreaker for my friends and me. It’s incredibly simple to pick up, which means we can get into the thick of the fun without any cumbersome rules to explain. Most nights, we’re doubled over in laughter within minutes, with each card prompting a fresh round of hilarious stories.

However, I’ve noticed it’s wise to have a quick skim through the cards if kids or more conservative guests are joining in, as some cards can get pretty risqué. Trust me, a quick filter can make the game enjoyable for everyone without any awkward moments.

I first encountered the game at a white elephant party and it was an instant hit among us. Since then, it has become my go-to gift. I’ve already gifted it a couple of times, and the feedback has always been glowing.

But, it’s fair to note that not everyone finds the content to their taste. A few friends mentioned they found some cards repetitive or less engaging compared to other games if you’re a seasoned game night enthusiast. So for them, the game didn’t quite hit the mark and sits unused.

In sum, “Drunk Stoned or Stupid” has mostly raked in positive vibes and is often the catalyst for a night filled with good-natured ribbing and non-stop laughter among adults. As a no-frills, easy-to-follow game, it’s made many of my parties memorable.


After spending some fun evenings with “Drunk Stoned or Stupid,” I can confidently say it has been a blast. The ease with which my friends and I got into the game is impressive—it’s straightforward to learn and instantly draws everyone into a world of laughter and wild stories. It’s the kind of game that doesn’t need much thought to enjoy, which makes it perfect for those nights when you just want to relax and have fun.

However, I’d highlight that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially in mixed company or at more reserved gatherings. A few cards might raise eyebrows due to crass or inappropriate content, so you might find yourself skipping over them. Despite that, gifting this game became one of my go-to because it’s a hit at parties.

In the sea of party games available, “Drunk Stoned or Stupid” stands out for its ease of play and immediate entertainment, though it could benefit from a touch more versatility for all types of players. For those who are into party games and looking for laughter-filled sessions, this game definitely deserves a spot on the shelf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having just played “Drunk, Stoned or Stupid” at a recent get-together, I’m excited to share insights on the commonly asked questions about this hilariously daring game.

What are the rules for playing Drunk, Stoned or Stupid?

The essence of the game is simple. In each round, one player is a judge and draws a card. The card contains a prompt, a funny or risqué action or characteristic. The rest of the group decides who among them is most likely to fit the prompt and hands over that card as a sort of humorous accusation. Having been through a few rounds myself, I’ve found that while there are no winners, the stories that come from the gameplay are priceless. Just remember, you’ll need a thick skin and a good sense of humor to fully enjoy this game.

How can I find Drunk, Stoned or Stupid for free online?

To my knowledge, the game itself is a physical card game intended to be played in person. While there may be variations or similar games available online, the official version does not offer a free digital copy. My advice would be to invest in the physical game – it’s worth it for the laughs and bonding moments it brings.

How many cards come with Drunk, Stoned or Stupid?

The core party game comes with a total of 250 prompt cards. Each card has been crafted to incite debates and laughter, and trust me, they do their job exceptionally well. With this many cards, there’s ample fodder for numerous playthroughs without repeats.

Can you play Drunk, Stoned or Stupid digitally?

As of my last game night, “Drunk, Stoned or Stupid” doesn’t have an official digital version. It’s traditionally a card game you play in person. However, in a pinch, creative players might digitize the cards themselves to play over video calls, but there’s nothing quite like the tangible cards in your hand and the immediate reactions of friends across the table.

What are some reviews on Drunk, Stoned or Stupid card game?

Drawing from the mixed reactions of my friends and online reviews, people are generally loving this game for its ease of play and the instant party atmosphere it creates. Some have mentioned that a few cards may cross the line of what’s considered appropriate, so a bit of discretion is needed depending on your crowd. Nevertheless, it’s often described as a great icebreaker and laughter-inducer.

How can you describe the gameplay of Drunk, Stoned or Stupid?

I’d describe the gameplay as cheeky and unapologetic. Each round has someone judging, while the rest of us hash it out to assign a not-so-flattering prompt to one unlucky friend. But it’s all in jest. The game thrives on the dynamics of the group, and every card prompts banter and stories that will deep-dive into your friendship history. Just keep in mind, it’s all for fun, and not to be taken too seriously.

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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