Star Wars drinking game: Episode-by-Episode Rules Included!

Star Wars, spanning generations, has enthralled audiences with its timeless tales of heroes and villains, set against the backdrop of a galaxy far, far away. Elevate your Star Wars movie marathon with a twist – a Star Wars drinking game that takes you on a journey through time. As you embark on this epic cinematic adventure, remember to pace yourself and enjoy responsibly. After all, we’re here to have fun, not reenact a podracing accident!

Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)

  • Drink when… Anakin says “Yippee!”
  • Drink when… Jar Jar Binks causes a comical mishap.
  • Drink when… Qui-Gon Jinn mentions “midi-chlorians.”
  • Drink when… Darth Maul ignites his double-bladed lightsaber.
  • Drink when… Someone mentions podracing.

You can find other rules here:

Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)

  • Drink when… Anakin broodingly talks about sand.
  • Drink when… Obi-Wan showcases his impressive lightsaber skills.
  • Drink when… There’s a romantic exchange between Anakin and Padmé.
  • Drink when… Count Dooku uses Force lightning.
  • Drink when… The Clone Wars are mentioned or shown.

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)

  • Drink when… Anakin disobeys orders or shows signs of his inner conflict.
  • Drink when… Palpatine manipulates a situation to his advantage.
  • Drink when… Obi-Wan delivers his classic “I have the high ground” line.
  • Drink when… The infamous “Nooo!” scene happens.
  • Drink when… A lightsaber duel takes place.

Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)

  • Drink when… Luke expresses his desire to leave Tatooine.
  • Drink when… Han Solo brags about the Millennium Falcon.
  • Drink when… Princess Leia takes charge or demonstrates her sassiness.
  • Drink when… Obi-Wan mentions the Force.
  • Drink when… The Death Star’s destruction is discussed or shown.

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

  • Drink when… Luke receives Jedi training from Yoda.
  • Drink when… Han Solo and Leia bicker.
  • Drink when… The iconic line “I am your father” is uttered.
  • Drink when… The Millennium Falcon goes through a perilous situation.
  • Drink when… There’s a mention of the Rebel Alliance.

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)

  • Drink when… Luke wears a new outfit or displays his Jedi skills.
  • Drink when… Jabba the Hutt laughs in his signature way.
  • Drink when… Ewoks contribute to the battle against the Empire.
  • Drink when… Darth Vader shows signs of redemption.
  • Drink when… The second Death Star is shown or discussed.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

  • Drink when… Rey demonstrates her resourcefulness.
  • Drink when… Kylo Ren throws a tantrum.
  • Drink when… Finn tries to escape his past as a Stormtrooper.
  • Drink when… Poe Dameron showcases his piloting skills.
  • Drink when… Han Solo’s classic wit shines through.

Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017)

  • Drink when… Rey and Kylo Ren have a Force connection.
  • Drink when… Luke Skywalker expresses reluctance to train Rey.
  • Drink when… Leia uses the Force in a surprising way.
  • Drink when… There’s a display of stunning lightsaber choreography.
  • Drink when… Poe Dameron challenges authority.

Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

  • Drink when… Rey displays a new Force power.
  • Drink when… Kylo Ren smashes something in frustration.
  • Drink when… Lando Calrissian flashes his trademark smile.
  • Drink when… A new connection between characters is revealed.
  • Drink when… The Resistance gathers for a final stand.


Time may flow differently in the Star Wars universe, but here on Earth, this chronological Star Wars drinking game is designed to take you through the decades of this beloved saga. Keep the spirit of adventure alive as you toast to your favorite moments, characters, and battles from a galaxy far, far away. Remember, responsible fun is the way of the Jedi. So, gather your allies, queue up the movies, and embark on a nostalgic journey with a drink in hand. May the drinks be with you, always! Cheers!

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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