You Lie You Drink Review

You Lie You Drink review

I recently tried out “You Lie You Drink,” the side-splitting party game from DSS Games, and let me tell you, it was an absolute hit at my last game night. The game is straightforward yet incredibly engaging, with 150 prompt cards that push you to either tell the cold hard truth or concoct the most believable lie. The thrill of possibly getting caught in a lie, or catching your pals bluffing, brought on bouts of laughter and, of course, quite a bit of drinking!

While playing, we found ourselves hilariously trying to guess if stories about scars and deal breakers were true. And here’s the kicker: if you accuse someone of lying and you’re wrong, you’re the one taking a sip. The game’s creators, also known for “You Laugh You Drink,” definitely know how to spice up a party. It’s meant for 3 or more players, aged 21 and up, so it’s perfect for adult game nights where you’re looking for a touch of mischief and a lot of fun.

Though a few cards were a bit too cheeky for my taste, and may not suit everyone’s sense of humor, most prompts were a blast and had us doubling over in laughter. Plus, the variety of cards means you won’t get the same old jokes every time you play. Just make sure your group is cool with a little risqué humor and ready for an unforgettable night in.

Bottom Line

For those who love a good game night filled with laughter and a bit of cheeky fun, ‘You Lie You Drink’ is a fantastic addition to your party game collection.

It’s a great way to break the ice and have guests rolling with laughter as they try to bluff their way through the game. Ready to take your gatherings to the next level? Click here to buy ‘You Lie You Drink’ and become the ultimate host with the most entertaining game shelf around!

Overview of You Lie You Drink – The Drinking Game for People Who Can’t Lie [A Party Game]

I recently got my hands on “You Lie You Drink” and it was an absolute riot at our last game night. With a whopping 150 prompt cards provided by DSS Games, the choices between honesty and a crafty lie make for an evening full of laughter and surprises. I found the prompts quite inventive and chuckle-worthy; they definitely push boundaries and get people talking. The game is perfect for those who pride themselves on their poker face as well as those who notoriously can’t tell a fib without cracking up.

While the game’s aim is light-hearted fun, be prepared for some blush-worthy confessions and the potential to learn a thing or two about your friends that you never expected. It’s a wonderful option for adults, and honestly, I can’t recommend it enough as an ice-breaker for groups. The only hiccup you might face is if your circle isn’t keen on drinking; the game loses an element without the ‘drink’ aspect. But for those who enjoy a beverage and a good laugh over some friendly deception, “You Lie You Drink” is a brilliant pick.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out “You Lie You Drink” at a get-together with close friends, and I must say, the mechanics are deceptively simple yet incredibly fun. Each turn, you’re faced with a choice: tell an embarrassing truth or concoct a lie so convincing that everyone believes you. The included 150 prompt cards are cleverly designed, each offering a scenario that tempts you to either reveal a bit about yourself or pull the wool over your friends’ eyes.

It quickly becomes a hilarious challenge to suss out the truth amidst the bluffs. Whenever someone suspects a lie, the tension ramps up, leading to either a triumphant revelation or a chorus of laughter followed by a sip for the mistaken. The simplicity of “You Lie You Drink” is its greatest strength – no complicated rules or setups, just a straightforward, joyous blend of truth and deception that keeps the party lively. Plus, having more than 3 players keeps the game dynamic and unpredictable, which is perfect for a lively night in.

Social and Party Starter

Just tried out “You Lie You Drink” at my latest get-together, and let me tell you, it’s the perfect icebreaker for any party. Trust me, if you’re looking to stir up laughter and create some memorable moments, this is your go-to game. The premise is simple: answer the prompts with truth or a fabricated story, then watch your friends squirm as they guess if you’re bluffing.

With a heap of 150 cards to choose from, you very rarely stumble upon a dull moment. I noticed a few cards could have been a bit more inventive, but the sheer variety mostly makes up for it. We had some serious giggles trying to discern truth from fiction, and there was this delightful tension each time someone called out another’s bluff.

Sure, not all cards hit the comedy jackpot, and there may be one or two that could feel awkward depending on the crowd, but overall, the game does its job. It gets everyone talking, drinking, and laughing. Although I found some duplicate cards in my set, it wasn’t a big deal—I was too busy watching my friends reveal their not-so-poker faces. I must add, that this isn’t for the faint-hearted or the super reserved, as the prompts can lead to some risqué revelations.

This game does harbor the power to turn a mellow night into a string of candid confessions and cheeky storytelling that’s sure to bond any group of friends over shared laughs—and perhaps shared secrets. So, grab a drink, a card, and get ready for a thrilling night with “You Lie You Drink”!

What’s in the Box?

Opening the box of the You Lie You Drink game was like starting a new adventure with my pals. Each component in the box promises a night full of laughter and banters. The box included 150 prompt cards which are the heart of the game, all crisply printed and inviting you to either tell the truth or spin a convincing tale. These cards asked about some really fun topics, like how someone got a certain scar or their deal breakers in relationships. It challenged my friends and me to see if we could really tell when someone is fibbing.

The cardstock material felt solid in my hands, an assurance that the game could withstand many game nights. The colors — a mix of pink, blue, white, and black — kept things lively and visually interesting. Additionally, the game didn’t come with any sort of warranty, but given the quality of the materials, I wasn’t too concerned. Designed for anyone 21 and over, it’s clear that it’s made for those who enjoy a bit of cheeky fun where the stakes are just a sip away. No clutter, no unnecessary parts, just the essentials for a good time.

Playing You Lie You Drink really amped up our gathering, making us laugh, guess, and occasionally drink when we got caught out or made a wrong guess. The simple act of pulling out a card from the box set the tone for an unforgettable night with my crew.

Fun for Adults 21+

I recently had a blast playing “You Lie You Drink” with a group of friends. This drinking game strikes the perfect balance between entertaining prompts and the thrill of guessing whether your friends are spinning tales or sticking to the truth. We were laughing non-stop as we tried to outsmart each other, making it a fantastic ice-breaker for a casual night in or a raucous party atmosphere.

The game comes with a heap of prompt cards that are equal parts hilarious and challenging. You really get to be creative with your responses, and catching someone in a lie—or getting away with one—is ridiculously satisfying. Not every card will be a hit for every group, as humor can be subjective, but that’s part of the fun. Plus, the simplicity of the rules means you can jump right in after a brief look at the instructions.

It’s worth mentioning that some cards may push the boundaries of comfort for certain players, so knowing your audience is key to making sure everyone has a good time. And while I found a small hiccup with a couple of duplicate cards, it didn’t hamper the fun. The game’s portability is a bonus, too—I’m already planning to bring it to my next get-together to see if it sparks just as many laughs and playful debates as the last time.

Pros and Cons

After a few rounds with “You Lie You Drink,” it’s time to share some thoughts on the experience. This party game certainly brings a unique twist to our game nights.


  • Engaging Content: I found that the 150 prompt cards provided a blend of hilarious and challenging situations that really tested our ability to catch each other’s bluffs. Some cards had us in stitches with the scenarios they presented!
  • Social Interaction Booster: It’s great at breaking the ice and coaxing even the shyest person to participate; a brilliant way to get to know your friends better or to kickstart a party.
  • Replayability: With so many different prompts, the game feels fresh every time I’ve played it. It seems hard to run out of new scenarios, ensuring plenty of fun for future gatherings.
  • Ages 21 and Over: The game targets an adult audience, and it does so effectively. It’s clear that it’s designed for players who are open to adult humor and drinking as a social activity.


  • Some Cards May Be Hit or Miss: While many cards are hilarious, a few fell flat for our group. Humor can be subjective, so not every card will be a winner for every player.
  • Not for Everyone: Because of its adult nature and the drinking element, this game isn’t suitable for all audiences. It’s definitely not a family game and might not suit all adult groups either.

Overall, “You Lie You Drink” served as a fantastic centerpiece for a fun and lively evening. Its drawbacks are relatively minor, and the positives far outweighed them in my book. Keep in mind the cons if you’re planning a game night, but I’d say, if your group enjoys a wild, laugh-filled evening, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Customer Reviews

Recently, I had the chance to try “You Lie You Drink,” and I’ve got to say, it’s an absolute blast for those who enjoy a bit of cheeky fun. With an impressive average rating of 4.4 out of over 7300 ratings, it’s clearly a hit with the party game crowd. Most reviewers rave about the hilarious moments it creates—belly laughs are a common occurrence, and it’s seen as a fantastic game for adult gatherings.

I found that while some of the cards can be a bit on the wild side, they’re generally in good fun. There’s a mix of opinions on the content of the cards; some folks find them side-splittingly funny, while others think a few fall flat or lean towards being inappropriate unless you’re playing with very close friends. That said, the excitement level tends to stay high, and it’s often mentioned as a highlight at social events.

However, some players have encountered a small hiccup with duplicated cards or instruction issues, which is a bit disappointing considering the price. Despite this, the sheer volume of 150 cards ensures that the fun keeps going. Just be aware that it’s best enjoyed with an open-minded group ready for some risqué and rollicking good times. I’m definitely looking forward to my next game night with this one!


After spending a lively evening with “You Lie You Drink,” I’ve got some thoughts to share. It’s a rollercoaster of laughter and drink-spilling shenanigans! Whether I was cracking up at the outrageous prompts or feeling the heat as my poker face was put to the test, this game kept the party energetic.

While the game is a blast, I noticed some cards that might be too much for those who aren’t as open-minded; so it’s not for everyone. Also, I came across a small hiccup – a duplicate set of cards in the deck, which was a bit disappointing. Thankfully, it didn’t detract much from the fun.

For an evening filled with good-humored embarrassment and bonding, “You Lie You Drink” is definitely worth considering. Just make sure your party is ready for a bit of risqué fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular questions to expect while playing this game?

Playing ‘You Lie You Drink’, I often run into questions like “Did you really do that?” or “Are you telling the truth?” The game’s design makes everyone question each other’s honesty, creating a fun and suspense-filled atmosphere. It’s all about bluffing and trying to catch your friends off-guard with either a true statement or a made-up one.

Can this game be played with non-alcoholic beverages?

Absolutely! I’ve played ‘You Lie You Drink’ with iced tea and soda and it’s just as entertaining. The focus of the game is more on social interaction and laughter, rather than the drinking itself. Choosing to drink non-alcoholic beverages opens up the game to a wider audience and ensures everyone can join in on the fun.

How can I make ‘You Lie You Drink’ suitable for an adult-only party?

Already catered to an adult audience, to notch up the adult-only vibe, I occasionally introduce more daring prompts or rules. Sometimes, we’ve even created our private, more risqué custom cards to add to the deck, ensuring the content is suitable for everyone in the group and consenting adults are participating.

What are the standard rules for starting a game of ‘You Lie You Drink’?

Starting the game is simple:

  • Gather 3 or more players (all over 21 years old).
  • Shuffle the 150 prompt cards included in the deck.
  • Decide who goes first (usually, the host or someone’s chosen at random).
  • That person draws a card, reads the prompt, and either tells the truth or lies.
  • The other players guess whether it’s a truth or a lie.
  • If they guess correctly, I drink; if they’re wrong, they drink.

Following these steps ensures everyone understands how to play ‘You Lie You Drink’, and we can jump right into having a great time.

How do you win in ‘You Lie You Drink’?

In my experience, ‘You Lie You Drink’ is more about the laughter and stories that unfold rather than winning. However, the person who is caught lying the least or who is best at detecting lies could be considered the winner. Mostly, it’s about enjoying the game and not taking it too seriously.

Is there an online version of ‘You Lie You Drink’ to play with friends remotely?

I haven’t come across an official online version of ‘You Lie You Drink’, but that hasn’t stopped my friends and me from improvising. We play over video chat, picking prompts and playing as if we were together in person. It’s not quite the same as the physical cards, but we make do and still have a blast.

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Liam Jones

Liam Jones

Hey there! I'm Liam Jones, a passionate blogger and master of drinking games. From Beer Pong to Quarters, no game is too difficult for me :)

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